List of Contests
County Wide Registration and Turnout
Non Partisan Registration and Turnout
Governor (Non)
General Assembly-20th (Non)
General Assembly-21st (Non)
General Assembly-22nd (Non)
General Assembly-29th (Non)
County Clerk (Non)
Freeholders (Non)
Berkeley Heights Township Committee (2) (Non)
Cranford Township Committee (2) (Non)
Fanwood Councilmen (Non)
Garwood Councilmen (Non)
Hillside Cou.-At-Lg. Unx. Term (Non)
Kenilworth Councilmen (Non)
Linden Councilman, 4th Ward (Non)
Linden Councilman, 6th Ward (Non)
Linden Councilman, 8th Ward (Non)
Linden Councilman, 10th Ward (Non)
Mountainside Councilmen (Non)
New Providence Councilmen (Non)
Plainfield Mayor (Non)
Pl Co. at Lg.2 & 3 Wds. Unx. Term (Non)
Plainfield Councilman, 4th Ward (Non)
Roselle Councilman, 1st Ward (Non)
Roselle Councilman, 3rd Ward (Non)
Roselle Park Councilman-At-Large (Non)
Roselle Park Councilman, 1st Ward (Non)
Springfield Township Committee (1) (Non)
Summit Councilman-At-Large (Non)
Summit Councilman, 1st Ward (Non)
Summit Councilman, 2nd Ward (Non)
Union Township Committee (1) (Non)
Westfield Mayor (Non)
Westfield Councilman, 1st Ward (Non)
Westfield Councilman, 2nd Ward (Non)
Westfield Councilman, 3rd Ward (Non)
Westfield Councilman, 4th Ward (Non)
Winfield Township Committee (Non)
State Question #1
State Question #2
Berkeley Heights Question