The Nomahegan Lake Project seeks to restore the lake to its original depth by removing accumulated organic matter and modify the banks to further discourage geese, a significant contributor to lake pollutants. The project is expected to take seven months to complete, barring any unforeseen problems.

The project will, unfortunately, create some temporary inconvenience for park users, including:

  • Main parking lot off Springfield Road will be closed to the public as of Nov. 7 and will remain closed during the week until 4 pm
  • The lot will be open on weekends
  • Parking lot may reopen by Dec. 30, depending upon progress of hydroraking.
  • Parking on Park Drive will be prohibited on weekdays until 4 p.m.
  • Lake and all bordering paths will be fenced off to the public for the entire length of the 7-month project.
  • To keep smell to a minimum, all organic matter removed from the lake will be removed as quickly as possible. However, it will be initially piled to allow water to drain off.
  • Work will be done Mon-Fri, 7am-3:30pm
  • During the first stage of hydroraking, 400 to 500 trucks are expected to remove the 8,500 cubic yards of organic material from the lake bottom. To avoid soil compaction and damage to the park environment, trucks will utilize existing macadam pathways around the lake. In areas where parkland must be crossed, there will be a layer of woodchips, covered with tracking pads for the trucks to drive over
  • The project will not increase the depth of the lake, so there will be no dredging.
  • While the lake will remain at its current level for the hydroraking, it will be lowered for bank stabilization.
  • The project will not add any additional impervious coverings in the park Only macadam that is damaged during the project will be replaced.