The Union County Parks System boasts 35 parks spanning 6,100 acres. It is a rich and diverse system of parks maintained with the help of dedicated volunteers throughout the year.

Our two main volunteer programs are Adopt-A-Park and Adopt- A-Trail.

The Adopt-A-Park program encourages the public to become a part of the County’s commitment to excellence by helping to enhance and care for green space in the community. Throughout the year, volunteers from neighborhood groups and local businesses donate countless hours to help out in the parks with plantings, clean-ups and other essential projects.

The Adopt-A-Trail program is based largely in the Watchung Reservation. The Reservation, Union County’s largest park, has over 26 miles of bridle paths & approximately 13 miles of marked hiking trails. Maintaining and repairing these trails can be difficult, but with help from trail users this job can be made easier.

Hikers, equestrians, nature lovers and other trail users are invited to volunteer, with most making a two-year commitment to adopt a trail or a section of a trail. While trails need to be monitored and maintained at least four times a year, many volunteers check on their routes far more than that–especially after major storms, when the volunteers from the Chain Saw Crew often come in to assist..