Mastodon Murals

The mural, “Rising Tide,” was commissioned by the NJ State Museum for the exhibit, “Rising Tide,” which was about climate change. Conceptualized by retired Assistant Curator William Gallagher, it was carried out and extensively modified by then incumbent Assistant Curator Jason Schein. Funding for this mural was provided by PSE& G.

The Indiana State Museum commissioned this mural for their exhibit, The Age of Ice. The exhibit deals with how global climate change brought about an ice age two million years ago. The exhibit explains how glaciers that were hundreds of feet thick and enormously heavy, created lakes and changed habitats. As the climate changed during the Ice Age, so did plant and animal populations. About 11,000 years ago, many large mammals such as mastodons and mammoths began to disappear from North America .

To learn more about the artist, Karen Carr, whose works appear in museums across the country, go to:

Funding to be able to display the mural from the Indiana State Museum was graciously provided by The New Jersey Mineralogical Society, which meets regularly at Trailside and co-hosts an annual rock and mineral show in the fall.