Sledding & Snowboarding

It is the County of Union’s intent to ensure the safety of the public while enjoying winter spots. The County has set up designated safe areas to enjoy the snow.

Patrons should be advised that certain areas of the park system should not be used for sledding due to their proximity to wooded areas, roadways, bodies of water or other park amenities that could present hazards to sledders and snowboarders.

Advisable Areas

  • Briant Park (Summit)
  • Echo Lake Park at the “Summer Arts Hill” near Springfield Avenue (Westfield)
  • Areas of Lenape Park that are not close to waterways (Cranford)
  • Meisel Park detention basin area (Springfield)
  • Unami Park (Garwood).


  • All areas are unattended. Patrons use them at their own risk. Patrons should use caution when participating in this activity.
  • Children should be supervised at all times.
  • Non-steerable devices are strongly discouraged.
  • Areas are open 9:00 AM to dark, daily, when weather and ice conditions permit.  The County Police may deem an area unsafe or a potential safety hazard and close the area to the public.
  • Sledding/snowboarding on insufficient snow can cause severe damage to the grass.  Icy conditions could lead to closing of a hill.
  • Sledding and snowboarding are prohibited on all County golf courses at all times.
  • Snowmobiles are strictly prohibited on all County property