Director: Cheryl Hathaway-Spirito
Phone: 908-527-4804
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Fax: 908-558-2562

The Union County IDRC is a required State mandated (12 hour program) to educate, screen and evaluate clients who may be in need of a structured intervention regarding their alcohol and/or drug abuse. The IDRC’s purpose is to make clients who have been identified as having an alcohol or drug involvement in connection with the operation of a motor vehicle, otherwise known as a DWI, aware of their inappropriate behavior of being under the influence while driving. The State mandated program consists of a (2) day (total of 12- hours) alcohol/drug education program. All IDRC clients are required to be screened on an individual basis by Licensed Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselors (LCADCs) to determine the level of care to be recommended on an individual basis, or if the individual is deemed treatment appropriate for additional services. This educational Alcohol/Drug program is designated to prevent future recidivism and continues to work cooperatively with the local providers, the Courts, the State and DWI offenders.

Our focus is quality services, a positive outcome for our clients and to heighten community awareness and safety.