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The Union County IDRC is a required state mandated (12 hour program) to educate, screen and evaluate clients who may be in need of a structured intervention regarding their alcohol and/or drug abuse. The IDRC’s purpose is to make clients who have been identified as having an alcohol or drug involvement in connection with the operation of a motor vehicle, otherwise known as a DWI, aware of their inappropriate behavior of being under the influence while driving. The state mandated program consists of a two day (total of 12 hours) alcohol/drug education program. All IDRC clients are required to be screened on an individual basis by Licensed Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselors (LCADCs) to determine the level of care to be recommended on an individual basis, or if the individual is deemed treatment appropriate for additional services. This educational Alcohol/Drug program is designated to prevent future recidivism and continues to work cooperatively with the local providers, the Courts, the state and DWI offenders.

Our focus is quality services, a positive outcome for our clients and to heighten community awareness and safety.

IDRC Court Ordered Class Information

The information below is for individuals who have received an attendance notice noting that you have been scheduled to attend a MANDATORY Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC) class.

Location: The Gateway Family YMCA – 1564 Irving Street, Rahway, NJ  07065. Check NJ Transit’s website for public transportation accessibility.  A parking garage is location on Main Street.

Fee: The fee for the IDRC class is $264.  Payment must only be by a certified check or money order.  The money order or certified check is due upon arrival, 1st day, and made payable to:

Union County IDRC (not the NJMVC)


Instructions: Please bring a brown bag lunch and non-alcoholic beverage.  If treatment has been completed, bring verification with you to the class.  Please notify the IDRC in writing prior to your scheduled attendance if you have a disability and will require assistance.  Please bring all court paperwork with you to the class.  If you do not speak English, bring an interpreter to the class.  Cell phone use is prohibited during the full 2 day IDRC classes.