Leaf Removal Schedule

2018 leaf removal schedule dates are “on or about”, conditions permitting. Place “leaves only” curbside loose, bagged or containerized prior to the scheduled date. Branches or other cut vegetation will not be removed. Do not block catch basins.  This page is best viewed in landscape mode if you are viewing this from a mobile or tablet device.  Use the search box to find your street or city.

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Berkeley Heights

Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Diamond Hill Road Mountain Ave Valley Road 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18
Mcmane Ave Diamond Hill Road Glenside Ave 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18
Valley Road Glenside Ave Somerset Cty Line 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18
Glenside Ave Valley Road Mcmane Ave 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18
Mountain Ave Morris  County Line Diamond Hill Road 2-Nov-18 5-Dec-18
Horse Shoe  Road Plainfield Ave Mountain Ave 2-Nov-18 5-Dec-18
Bonnie Burn Road Valley Road Route 22 2-Nov-18 5-Dec-18
Plainfield Ave Valley Road Springfield Ave 2-Nov-18 5-Dec-18
Springfield Ave Morris County Line New Prov. Line 2-Nov-18 5-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Central Ave Westfield  Line Parkway Circle 2-Nov-18 4-Dec-18
Ross  St Valley Rd Rahway Line 16-Nov-18 17-Dec-18
Valley Road Stiles St 300′ So. Of Ross St 16-Nov-18 17-Dec-18
Lake  Ave Scotch Plains Line Oak Ridge Road 16-Nov-18 17-Dec-18
Oak Ridge Rd Middlesex CtyLine Raritan Rd 16-Nov-18 17-Dec-18
Raritan Rd Oak Ridge Rd Cranford Line 16-Nov-18 17-Dec-18
Madison Hill Rd Raritan Rd Westfield Ave 19-Nov-18 18-Dec-18
Westfield Ave Brant Ave Rahway Line 19-Nov-18 18-Dec-18
Brant Ave Westfield Ave Parkway Circle 20-Nov-18 19-Dec-18
Valley Road Circle Walnut 20-Nov-18 19-Dec-18
Parkway Drive Valley  Rd Highland Place 21-Nov-18 20-Dec-18
Parkway Drive Valley  Rd Dead End 21-Nov-18 20-Dec-18
Walnut  Ave Valley Rd Raritan Rd 26-Nov-18 21-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Raritan Rd Linden Line Clark Line 26-Nov-18 21-Dec-18
Walnut Ave Clark Line South Ave 28-Nov-18 24-Dec-18
South Ave Garwood Line Roselle Line 28-Nov-18 26-Dec-18
Centennial Ave North  Ave Linden Line 28-Nov-18 26-Dec-18
Springfield Ave North Ave Boulevard 29-Nov-18 27-Dec-18
Boulevard/Springfield Ave Mill Lane Kenilworth Line 29-Nov-18 27-Dec-18
County Park Drive Boulevard Swim Club 29-Nov-18 27-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Galloping Hill Rd Westfield Ave Roselle Pk  Line 5-Nov-18 5-Dec-18
Magie Ave Orchard St Galloping Hill Rd 8-Nov-18 7-Dec-18
North Broad St Newark Ave Lower Road 15-Nov-18 13-Dec-18
Jefferson  Ave Magnolia Ave North Ave 19-Nov-18 14-Dec-18
Grove St Route 1-9 Pearl St 20-Nov-18 17-Dec-18
Pearl St Grove St Rahway Ave 20-Nov-18 17-Dec-18
West Grand St Rosele Line Cherry St 21-Nov-18 18-Dec-18
West Jersey St Roselle Line Elmora Ave 21-Nov-18 18-Dec-18
Jersey  Ave Cherry St Elmora  Ave 21-Nov-18 19-Dec-18
Linden Ave Elmora Ave Warinanco  Park 21-Nov-18 20-Dec-18
Lidgerwood Ave Park Ave Linden Washington  Ave 21-Nov-18 20-Dec-18
South Broad St Pearl St Bayway Ave 26-Nov-18 21-Dec-18
Orchard  St Morris  Ave Westfield  Ave 26-Nov-18 21-Dec-18
Morris Ave North  Ave Westfield Ave 26-Nov-18 24-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Midway Ave North Ave Terrill Road 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18
Terrill Rd Mccrea Place King Street 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18
Lagrande Ave Terrill Rd Laurel Place 9-Nov-18 10-Dec-18
Laurel Place Lagrande Ave Route 28 9-Nov-18 10-Dec-18
Martine Ave Portland Ave King Street 13-Nov-18 12-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
South Ave Westfield Line Cranford Line 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Conant St Liberty Ave Salem Ave 14-Nov-18 12-Dec-18
Liberty Ave Hillside Ave Union Line 14-Nov-18 12-Dec-18
Chestnut Ave Hillside Ave Irvington Line 15-Nov-18 13-Dec-18
Hillside Ave Chestnut St North Broad  St 15-Nov-18 13-Dec-18
North Broad St Newark Line Lower  Road 19-Nov-18 14-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Boulevard Cranford Line Parkway 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18
Michigan Ave Colfax Ave Route 22 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18
Galloping Hill Rd Parkway Union Line 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Stiles St Raritain Rd Route 1+9 19-Nov-18 19-Dec-18
Elizabeth Ave Park Ave Rahway Line 19-Nov-18 19-Dec-18
Wood Ave Raritan Rd Route 1+9 20-Nov-18 19-Dec-18
Raritan Rd Wood  Ave Cranford Line 20-Nov-18 21-Dec-18
Roselle St Elizabeth Ave St George Ave 21-Nov-18 21-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Summit Lane New Providence Rd Summit Road 7-Nov-18 10-Dec-18
Summit Road Springfield Line Route 22 7-Nov-18 10-Dec-18
Coles Ave New Providence Rd Sky Top Rd 7-Nov-18 10-Dec-18
Sky Top Scotch Plains Line Glenside Ave 8-Nov-18 12-Dec-18
Deer Path New Providence Rd Tanger Way 8-Nov-18 12-Dec-18
Tanager Way Deer Path Coles Ave 9-Nov-18 14-Dec-18
Ackerman Ave Coles Ave Deer  Path 13-Nov-18 14-Dec-18
New Providence Rd Mountain Ave Rte 22 13-Nov-18 17-Dec-18
Tracy Drive Deer Path Glenside Ave 14-Nov-18 17-Dec-18
So Springfield Ave Westfield Line Springfield Line 20-Nov-18 26-Dec-18

New Providence

Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Diamond Hill Rd Berkeley Hgts Line Mountain Ave 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18
Springfield Ave Summit  Line Berkeley Hgts Line 5-Nov-18 7-Dec-18
Mountain Ave Diamond Hill Road Division St 5-Nov-18 7-Dec-18
South Street Sprinfield Ave Mountain  Ave 5-Nov-18 7-Dec-18
Passaic Ave County Line Springfield Ave 5-Nov-18 7-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Terrill Rd Scotch Plains  Line Fanwood Line 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18
Front St Watchung Ave Terrill Road 2-Nov-18 5-Dec-18
Seventh St   E Terrill Rd Watchung Ave 5-Nov-18 7-Dec-18
Seventh St  W County Line Watchung Ave 5-Nov-18 7-Dec-18
Plainfield Ave County Line W. 5Th Street 6-Nov-18 7-Dec-18
Park Ave County Line Ninth Ave 6-Nov-18 7-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Inman Ave  W St George Ave County Line 8-Nov-18 10-Dec-18
New Brunswick Ave St George Ave Hazelwood Ave 8-Nov-18 10-Dec-18
Hazelwood Ave St George Ave Hart St 9-Nov-18 10-Dec-18
Hart St Hazelwood Ave Randolph Ave 9-Nov-18 12-Dec-18
Woodbridge Ave Hazelwood Ave Randolph  Rd 9-Nov-18 12-Dec-18
Lawrence  St Grand Ave  E Hazelwood Ave 13-Nov-18 12-Dec-18
Milton Ave St George Ave Route 1+9 13-Nov-18 14-Dec-18
Elizabeth Ave Linden Line Grand Ave  E 13-Nov-18 14-Dec-18
Westfield Ave Clark Line St George Ave 14-Nov-18 14-Dec-18
Grand Ave  E Elizabeth Ave Route 1+9 14-Nov-18 14-Dec-18
Grand Ave  W Elizabeth Ave St George Ave 14-Nov-18 17-Dec-18
Scott Ave St George Ave Route 1+9 15-Nov-18 17-Dec-18
Ross St St George Ave Valley Road 16-Nov-18 19-Dec-18
Madison Hill Rd Clark Line Westfield Ave 20-Nov-18 19-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Wood Ave Raritan Rd Linden Line 20-Nov-18 21-Dec-18
Ninth Ave Locust Ave Chestnut St 21-Nov-18 21-Dec-18
Chestnut St St George Ave First Ave 21-Nov-18 24-Dec-18
Locust Ave Ninth Ave Westfield Ave 26-Nov-18 24-Dec-18
First Ave Cranford Line Elizabeth Line 26-Nov-18 26-Dec-18
Third Ave Elizabeth Ave Amsterdam Ave 26-Nov-18 26-Dec-18
Linden Road First Ave Park Road 26-Nov-18 26-Dec-18
Amsterdam Ave South Ave Wood Ave 26-Nov-18 26-Dec-18

Roselle Park

Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Faitoute Ave Westfield Ave Colfax  Ave 2-Nov-18 4-Dec-18
Locust St Westfield Ave Union Line 2-Nov-18 4-Dec-18
Lincoln  Ave Galloping Hill Rd Chestnut  St 2-Nov-18 4-Dec-18
Chestnut St Union Line Westfield Ave 5-Nov-18 5-Dec-18
Linden Road Westfield Ave First Ave 5-Nov-18 5-Dec-18
Galloping Hill Rd Union Line Elizabeth Line 7-Nov-18 6-Dec-18

Scotch Plains

Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
North Ave Fanwood Line Westfield Line 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18
Terrill Rd Raritan Rd Somerset County Line 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18
Front St Park  Ave Terrill Road 2-Nov-18 5-Dec-18
Lamberts Mill Rd West Broad St Rahway Ave 5-Nov-18 5-Dec-18
Sky Top Rd Glenside Ave Mountainside Line 8-Nov-18 12-Dec-18
Raritan Rd Terrill Rd Old Lake Ave 9-Nov-18 10-Dec-18
Martine Ave Clark Line Fanwood  Line 13-Nov-18 12-Dec-18
Park Ave Fanwood Line Route 22 13-Nov-18 12-Dec-18
Mountain Ave Willow Ave Route 22 14-Nov-18 14-Dec-18
Willow Ave Route 22 Mountain Ave 14-Nov-18 14-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Baltusrol Rd Summit Rd Summit  Line 9-Nov-18 13-Dec-18
Shunpike  Road Orchard St So Springfield Ave 20-Nov-18 26-Dec-18
Main Street Morris Ave Essex County Line 26-Nov-18 27-Dec-18
Morris Ave Summit Line Summit Line 26-Nov-18 27-Dec-18
Mountain Ave Morris Ave Route 22 26-Nov-18 27-Dec-18
Meisel Ave So Springfield Ave Morris Ave 28-Nov-18 28-Dec-18
Hillside Ave Mountain Ave Route 22 28-Nov-18 28-Dec-18
So Springfield Ave Mountainside Line Mountain Ave 28-Nov-18 28-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Baltusrol Rd Springfield Line Morris  Ave 9-Nov-18 13-Dec-18
Morris Ave Springfield Ave River Road 14-Nov-18 17-Dec-18
Springfield Ave (S) Morris Ave Morris Ave 14-Nov-18 19-Dec-18
Glenside Ave Berkeley Hgts Line Morris Ave 15-Nov-18 19-Dec-18
Broad St Route 24 Morris  Ave 15-Nov-18 19-Dec-18
Mountain Ave Ashland  Road Morris Ave 15-Nov-18 19-Dec-18
Springfield Ave (N) Morris Ave Constantine  Pl 16-Nov-18 20-Dec-18
Ashland Rd Mountain Ave Division St 16-Nov-18 20-Dec-18
Summit Ave Route 24/ Morris Essex Turnpike Morris Ave 19-Nov-18 21-Dec-18
Constantine Pl Springfield Ave Passaic Ave 19-Nov-18 21-Dec-18
Passaic Ave River Road Constantine  Pl 19-Nov-18 21-Dec-18
Chatham  Rd Morris County Line River Road 19-Nov-18 21-Dec-18
River Road Rte 24 Passaic  Ave 19-Nov-18 24-Dec-18
Orchard St Shunpike Road Morris  Ave 20-Nov-18 26-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
Tucker Ave Roselle Park Line Five Points 2-Nov-18 4-Dec-18
Galloping Hill Rd Gs   Parkway Roselle Pk Line 7-Nov-18 6-Dec-18
Magie  Ave Galloping Hill Rd Elizabeth Line 8-Nov-18 7-Dec-18
Salem Road Hillside Line Five Points 9-Nov-18 10-Dec-18
Vauxhall Rd Essex County  Line Salem Road 9-Nov-18 10-Dec-18
Burnett  Ave Morris  Ave Essex County Line 9-Nov-18 10-Dec-18
Chestnut St Route 22 Bridge Roselle Pk  Line 13-Nov-18 11-Dec-18
West Chestnut St Route 22 Route 22  Bridge 13-Nov-18 11-Dec-18
Stuyvesent Ave Vauxhall Rd Essex County Line 14-Nov-18 12-Dec-18
Morris Ave North Ave Elizabeth Line 26-Nov-18 24-Dec-18


Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
North  Ave East Broad St Fanwood Line 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18
South Ave Garwood  Line Westfield Circle 1-Nov-18 3-Dec-18
Central Ave Clark Line East Broad St 2-Nov-18 4-Dec-18
Lambert’S Mill Rd Rahway Ave West Broad St 5-Nov-18 5-Dec-18
West Broad  St South Ave Lamberts Mill Rd 5-Nov-18 5-Dec-18
So  Springfield Ave Cranford Line Mountainside Line 7-Nov-18 6-Dec-18
East Broad St Mountain Ave S Springfield Ave 7-Nov-18 6-Dec-18
Mountain Ave East Broad St Mountainside Line 8-Nov-18 7-Dec-18

Winfield / Clark

Street From To 1st Pickup 2nd Pickup
U. C.  Parkway Drive Valley Rd Stiles & Raritan Rd 26-Nov-18 24-Dec-18