Federal Overseas “Vote by Mail”

Pursuant to the provision of the “Federal Overseas Citizens Voting Rights act of 1975″ a citizen residing outside the United States shall have the right to register and vote by mail in any Federal Election from the State in which he/she was last domiciled prior to his/her departure from the United States.  Applications and information are available through the Election Office.  To e-mail an application for Federal Overseas voters, fill out application on-line, print, sign, scan, and e-mail to lbobish@ucnj.org.

Download FVAP Application

Mail Application to:
Union County Clerk
2 Broad Street, Room 113
Elizabeth, NJ 07201-2299

Back-up Ballot for Federal Write-In (Absentee) Mail-In Ballot


This ballot allows New Jersey Military and Overseas Federal Voters to use a Write-In (Absentee) Mail-In ballot in the event the voter has not received their requested ballot in time to vote.

Please click this link for the ballot: Click here

You may mail the original or use fax.  If you fax (908-527-4127) the Voted Federal Write-In Back-up Ballot, you must mail the original ballot to the address below.

Mail Federal Write-In (Absentee) Mail-In Ballot to:
Union County Board of Elections
271 North Broad Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07208