Military “Vote by Mail”

Military “Vote by Mail”

“Vote by Mail” privileges are available to military personnel, their dependents or patients in veterans hospitals or civilians attached to or serving with the military. Applications and information are available through the Election Office. To e-mail an application for military voters, fill out application on-line, print, sign, scan, and e-mail to

Click here for copy of the Military “Vote By Mail” Application

Mail Application to:
Joanne Rajoppi
Union County Clerk
2 Broad Street, Room 113
Elizabeth, NJ 07201-2299

Back-up Ballot for Military Write-In (Absentee) Mail-In Ballot

This ballot allows New Jersey military voters to use a Write-In (Absentee) Mail-In ballot in the event the voter has not received their requested ballot in time to vote.

Please click on the line below for the ballot:

Click here

You may mail the original or use fax.  If you fax (908-527-4127) the Voted Military Write-In Back-Up ballot, you must mail the original ballot to the address below.

Mail Military Write-In Mail-In Ballot to:
Union County Board of Elections
271 Broad Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07208