Division of Purchasing

Michael M. Yuska, Director, Q.P.A., CPPO #36

Phone: 908-527-4130 | Fax: 908-558-2548

Division of Purchasing is an essential and state mandated office whose mission statement is to assure that County tax derived budget funds are expended in a fair and open manner as prescribed by the Local Public Contract Law: N. J. S. A. 40 A 11-1 et seq.  To that end, the division has had seven employees trained and certified by Rutgers as Registered Public Procurement Specialists and a Qualified Purchasing Agent.

In simple terms , the Division mission is to assure that all County divisions buy goods and services at the right price, in a timely manner, from an able provider, in a manner pursuant to state law. With a caveat to pursue vendors located in Union County and products and services that perform in an environmentally sound format.

The Division also manages the public sale of obsolete equipment.

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