Inmate Mail & Accounts

Inmate Mail

Inmate Mail should be addressed as follows:

Inmate’s Name
Inmate’s Commitment number
Union County Jail
15 Elizabethtown Plaza
Elizabeth, NJ 07207-3480

Packages are not accepted. Reading material, such as newspaper, books.and magazines must come directly from the publisher or an approved bookstore.

Inmate Accounts

Commissary items may be purchased by inmates utilizing their inmate account.  You can make a deposit in an inmate’s account by mail, in person, phone, or on-line.  To make a deposit by mail, money order or certified bank check must be used.  It must contain the inmate’s name, commitment number & return address.  Personal checks and cash are NOT accepted.

There is a maximum of $200.00 for any single money order.

> In person:  bring in money order, certified bank check, credit card, or cash (credit card and cash – kiosk only)
> On line: (must have commitment number)
> Phone 866-345-1884 (must have commitment number)

Please be advised that Union County Jail will deduct a $50.00 Administrative charge from all inmate accounts. This amount can be paid over several deposits. We will always leave $10.00 of any deposit in the inmate’s account until the Administrative fee is paid. Example: if $20.00 is deposited, $10 will go toward the Administrative charge and $10.00 will be left in the inmate account for purchases. Medical and medication charges are deducted separately. Money orders which arrive at the jail after an inmate is released or transferred, will be returned to the sender, providing the sender’s name and address is on the money order, and legible. If an inmate is transferred to another institution, a check will be mailed to the institution.

You can drop money orders, certified bank checks  at the jail or use the kiosk  7 days a week from 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM located in the facility’s lobby vending machine area.

Inmate Phone Service

You can initiate an account with our inmate phone vendor by calling 1-866-230-7761.

This will enable inmates to make collect phone calls to your residence.