Christopher’s Program

Christopher’s Program is a new innovative partnership with the Union County Court system and consists of a multi-faceted, comprehensive, long term interactive therapeutic program dealing exclusively with the issue of gangs and youth violence.  All referred youth will be required to attend a 6 week program, 2 days per week at one of our three designated locations within the County.  A 4 week program is also be available for all of our youth in our juvenile detention center. Professional development and educational sessions are available for those who work with and plan for youth. Content is prepared  and specific to the audience, however youth and gang violence are the focal points for all sessions. These sessions are for two hours, at the time and venue selected by the group.  Pending the nature of the profession/organization focus will be adjusted to meet their individual needs.  Our goal, through Christopher’s Program, will be to reach many more of our at risk youth and afford each of them the benefits of a long term interactive sessions with highly trained and recognized speakers/agencies available here in the State of New Jersey. The foundation of Christopher’s Program is dedicated to enhancing community awareness and decreasing incidents of youth violence. The program educates the community on how to steer youth towards leading productive lives. The program strives to work with youth to avoid violent situations, gangs and involvement in the justice system.