Youth Services accomplishes it’s mission through delivering succesful programs and services that benefit kids and communities.  Our “let’s do it” attitude has created incredible opportunities for innovative partnerships with public, non-profit and private sector stakeholders.

Here are the latest activities and organizations we’re involved with.

Union County Youth Services Bureau
Community Service Youth Offender Program

This unique program was established by the Youth Service Bureau over 25 years ago and works in partnership with non-profit organizations and police departments throughout the county.

Minor delinquency offenders are required to compete supervised work assignments at nonprofit organization worksites in order to satisfy their community service obligation and avoid family court intervention.

Union County Youth Services was selected by Rutgers University Graduate School of Social Work to serve as a certified field placement during the 2013-2014 school year for student interns seeking their Masters of Social Work.

Youth Services and TeamWorks Logistics launch
“Embrace-the-Chase” School and Technology Project 2013-14
The pilot project’s goal is to match talented middle or high school students with mentors and professional advisors to help them develop projects that they can enter in local, regional or national science contests for cash prizes, awards and recognition for themselves and their school.

This endeavor will be a great way for students to demonstrate their talent, commitment and resourcefulness (besides meeting professionals in the fields of science and technology and having fun). For everyone else, it’s going to be an extraordinary experience.