The mission of the Union County Division of Youth Services is to improve the health,
safety and well-being of referred children and youth through community-based
programs and services that strengthen family values, prevent delinquency and
promote youth development.


RESEARCH is the driving force behind what we do. It helps us advocate on behalf of
families and communities and develops new and more effective programs for children
and youth. It’s how we keep the community informed about issues affecting their
children’s health and welfare. Also, it gets individuals and communities involved in
efforts to improve the lives of children and youth.

PLANNING programs and services follows research. We collect and analyze data
on youth trends and demographics. Under administration of the Division of Youth
Services, the county Youth Services Commission allocates state funding to implement
programs and services that offer creative solutions to social problems such
as delinquency and other at-risk behaviors based on best practices models being
implemented across the country.

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT is the process of reporting and monitoring quantitative
and qualitative data. We train service providers in the use of database technology to
improve service delivery decision-making and resource allocation. Also, we provide
in-service training and technical assistance to help service providers achieve their

ADVOCACY helps create and sustain public interest about social issues affecting the
community. We sponsor local community forums that offer the public opportunities
to share concerns about youth related issues with specialists in the field and become
better informed about how to access family support services, delinquency prevention
and youth development programs.