About the Commission


Our Commissioners continue to seek active and interested members to ensure the Commission reflects the diverse population of Union County.

A Background Information Nomination form that has been developed aids in this process.


James F. Keefe, Esquire
Charles Newman  (May 2008 to May 2010)

Former Co-Chairs:

Alfred Brown (May 2006 to May 2008)
Helene Scheuer (May 2004 to  May 2006)
Jack Weinshanker (May 2002 to May 2004)
Faheemah El-Amin (May 2000 to May 2002)
James Glassen (May 1998 to May 2000)

Recording Secretary:

Karen E. Positan (Union County Prosecutor’s Office)

We continue to work to identify opportunities for current Commissioners, and continue to try to meet the standards asked of all New Jersey Human Relations Commissioners.

The Commission meets in January, March, May, September and November on Monday nights, and through Sub-Committees for particular projects, on an as-needed basis between formal meetings.