Staying in Touch with Local Bias Officers

Because the UCHRC is concerned with the realm of human relations and cultural diversity, an important aspect that requires keeping a pulse on is local bias crime. Sgt. Ana Zsak and Sgt. Vincent Gagliardi,
(and preceding them, Sgt. Tracy Diaz) head the Bias Crime Unit for the Union County Prosecutor’s Office. In their role, they investigate crimes involving suspected hate or bias, and assist and support local law enforcement personnel in their investigations. Both serve as Commissioners on the UCHRC, and keep the Commissioners apprised of areas of activity and
concern throughout the county in a regular report at our meetings.

As members of the New Jersey State Bias Crime Officers Association, they also serve the dual role as liaisons for the UCHRC.

staying in touch with local bias officers

In addition to keeping an eye on hate crimes and bias incidents locally and on the state and national levels, the state association aids in the education of the public with regard to bias incidents and hate crimes, and proactively pursue educational programs to prevent hate.