Respite Care

As a Caregiver, you need time for yourself.  Is there a family gathering you’d like to attend? Do you want to take the kids to the shore for the week? Just need some time off? And while you’re away, you’ll want to feel secure that your loved one is in a safe, healthy, caring and enjoyable environment.

Many people find themselves caring for a loved one in their home whether it’s a parent, a grandparent or a spouse who no longer has the ability to function on their own on a full-time basis.  This makes it difficult, if not impossible for the caregiver to leave – even for a few days.  They’re not able to travel to attend important events with family and friends such as weddings or family reunions.  Families with younger children aren’t able to take off for a few days at the shore.  Some just can’t seem to get any time for themselves.

These caregivers need to feel secure that their loved one is in a safe, healthy and caring environment while they take some time off.
To meet this need, RUNNELLS offers Respite Care in the Nursing Care area.  Included are those things that make for the quality care RUNNELLS is known for:

  • RN’s in-house 24 / 7  and physician on site daily
  • semi-private rooms with basic cable TV
  • a wide variety of events and activities
  • meals and snacks

There is a minimum stay of five days. There is some coverage available for those who have qualified for Medicaid.