Your Care Team

Physical Therapist emphasizes general body strengthening and those activities that help with independent walking.

Occupational Therapist strongly emphasizes upper extremity strengthening and functional activities which relate to abilities in bathing, grooming, dressing and mobility. This therapy addresses areas of cognition and visual skills as well as homemaking tasks.

Speech and Audiology Therapist are a part of the total treatment program when the staff evaluations determine that such training would improve personal communication skills.

Activities Therapy includes music, art, leisure activities, crafts, pet therapy, games, social activities, outside trips, plant therapy, exercise, movies and cooking.

Psychological Services are available in whatever format is best suited to assessed needs.  Psychological services are also available to family members.

Social Work Services assists with admissions, discharge planning and acclimation to the RUNNELLS’ environment by offering individual counseling, support groups and family meetings.