Community Services


Under Sheriff Ralph Froehlich’s innovative “Project Lifesaver” program, individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, autism or other debilitating disorders are outfitted with a watch-sized transmitter that can be tracked by the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Unit if the individual is reported missing or lost.

The lightweight, battery-operated transmitters used through “Project Lifesaver” can be tracked for up to several miles. Each device has a unique radio signal that broadcasts 24 hours a day.


Sheriff Froehlich started the fingerprint on file program back in 1982. The concept behind the program is to establish a fingerprint record of the child that can be used by law enforcement agencies in the event a child becomes lost or abducted. Since 1995 the FOF program has been updated. Videotaped interviews of each child are prepared that memorializes physical characteristics and speech patterns. The video tapes and fingerprint cards are returned to the parents for safekeeping. Information and scheduling information can be obtained by contacting the Sheriff’s Identification Bureau at 908-527-4950.


Firearms are one of the principle causes of death among American children today. The Sheriff’s Office has developed three videos to educate children and teens about the dangers of firearms. Two of these videos, “Get Away Get a Grown-Up” and “Teens and Guns: An American Tragedy,” have been shown in schools all over Union County. The latest video about gun safety called “Silence Kills” is now available to schools. It was made by students from Hillside High School, the winners of the Sheriff’s Union County Gun Awareness Contest.


This is a program that solicits funds from private donors to purchase food baskets for distribution to needy Union County families during the Christmas Season. Members of the Sheriff’s Office volunteer their time to prepare the baskets and distribute them to those in need. Each December several hundred families receive food baskets from Operation Bread Basket volunteers. For more information contact the Sheriff’s Office at 908-527-4450.


The K-9 Unit performs various demonstrations for civic and school organizations. These demonstrations are subject to scheduling restrictions. Please contact the K-9 unit for more information at 908-273-1608.


In 1990 the Sheriff formed an Honor Guard. This honor guard performs a various civic and ceremonial functions. Please contact the Sheriff’s Office for more information.


The Union County Sheriff’s Youth Academy is a program designed to familiarize young people with the role of a police officer. Also, it operates similar to an actual police academy for teens interested in law enforcement.

Participants in the Youth Academy received hands-on experience in a wide variety of emergency services and law enforcement functions and training. In addition, youths have the opportunity to learn respect for law enforcement through positive interaction during their time in the program.

The Sheriff’s Youth Academy is not a ‘boot camp’ for troubled teens. In order to enroll in the program, the youngsters must have a minimum GPA of 2.70 (B- average), letters of reference and write an essay explaining why the student would like to attend the Youth Academy. The program is open to middle school and high school students in Union County. For more information please contact the Sheriff’s Office.