January 26, 2007

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Middle Eastern Dancer Entertains
at RUNNELLS Specialized Hospital of Union County

runnells dance

Diane Miller of Bridgewater entertained at RUNNELLS Specialized Hospital of Union County in Berkeley Heights, demonstrating the beautiful and ancient art of middle eastern dancing, more commonly referred to as “belly dancing”.

Laurinda Calico, formerly of Rahway (left), a RUNNELLS resident joined Miller for a few moments.

Entertainment such as this is made possible through the support of RUNNELLS Volunteer Guild. They use the funds raised to enrich the lives of residents and patients by paying for a variety of entertainment throughout the year. The funds are also used to obtain items that may include televisions, DVD players/VCR’s and prizes for their bingo games.

“The arts aren’t just pictures in a museum or singers on a CD, they’re live performances too,” said Union County Freeholder Chester Holmes, liaison to RUNNELLS. “The art of middle eastern dancing is only one of the entertainments that have been performed at RUNNELLS this past year; others have included singers, guitarists, church choirs and Irish step dancers.”

RUNNELLS, a 178,000 sq. ft. facility located at 40 Watchung Way, Berkeley Heights is easily accessible from Routes 22, 24, and 78.  Individuals wanting to learn more about the programs and facilities at RUNNELLS should call 908-771-5700.