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Union County Sponsors Recycling Event, Oct. 20:
Household Special Waste, Mercury Thermometers and Automobile Tires
Will Be Collected

RAHWAY, NJ – The County of Union will sponsor a special recycling event on Saturday, Oct. 20, so Union County residents can get rid of household special waste, old automobile tires, and mercury fever thermometers in an environmentally safe manner. The collection will take place from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Rahway River Park, off St. Georges Avenue in Rahway.

All residents of Union County are eligible to participate at no cost.

“The special household waste recycling program for Union County residents is particularly important as we become more aware of the need for proper disposal of hazardous items that are found around the home,” said Freeholder Chairwoman Bette Jane Kowalski. “The result of our effort is safer homes and a cleaner environment for our families and our neighbors.”

Pre-registration is not required for this special Saturday collection.

All that residents need to do is drive to the site with their household special waste and automobile tires. Workers at the site will unload the vehicles.

There is a limit of eight automobile tires (without rims) per household. This is a household recycling event. No businesses, please.

Union County residents can turn in their old mercury fever thermometers and receive a new mercury-free digital thermometer, free of charge. One new digital thermometer per household will be provided (while supplies last) regardless of the number of mercury thermometers dropped off. Please bring thermometers in a sealed plastic bag to prevent release in case of accidental breakage.

“Household special waste” includes oil-based paint and varnish, antifreeze, aerosol cans, pool chemicals, corrosives, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, thinners, fire extinguishers, motor oil and oil filters, gasoline, batteries, thermostats, fluorescent bulbs (unbroken), blood pressure devices, and mercury switches. Only materials in original or labeled containers will be accepted. No containers larger than five gallons will be accepted.

Latex (water-based) paint and empty cans will not be accepted. They should be disposed of in with the regular garbage. Leftover latex paint can be air-dried or, to hasten the drying process, kitty litter and/or newspaper can be added to hasten the drying.

“This is a great opportunity to recycle up to eight tires and dispose of old containers that are cluttering up the basement or the garage, or taking up space under the kitchen sink,” said Freeholder Chester Holmes, liaison to the Union County Solid Waste Advisory Board. “Our homes become safer once they are rid of hazardous and combustible waste.”

A complete list of the materials that will be accepted on October 20 is available at the Union County Bureau of Planning and Environmental Conservation web site:

The household special waste collection will be held rain or shine, for Union County residents only and not for businesses. Proof of Union County residency is required. For more information, please call the Recycling Hotline at (908) 654-9889.