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Runnells Hospital Staff Members Honored by Resident Council

runnells staff members honored by resident council

Members of the Resident Council of RUNNELLS Specialized Hospital of Union County in Berkeley Heights met to recognize staff members who have given outstanding service to patients and residents alike.

The Caring Hearts Awards was suggested at a meeting of the executive council in 2002. It has been held three additional times since then.

“The awards recognize individuals and departments whose members are enthusiastic about their jobs and go above their basic duties,” said Ernie Salvati, Chairman of the Council. “These are people who care; individuals who go out of their way to make residents feel comfortable.”

“It’s true that we need money from our jobs for the necessities of life,” said Union County Freeholder Chester Holmes, “but a great job is more than that. Ernie Salvati, summed up what it means to help others through your work…he read a quote that states ‘The best thing about giving of ourselves is that what we get is always better than what we give.‘ Especially for these dedicated, caring people…how true that is.”

Resident Council honorees are:

Nursing – Judy Leanza, LPN (Licensed practical nurse); Elaine Sheehy, RN; Toni Tirado, Unit Coordinator; Amelia Barrera, LPN; JoAnn Young, CNA; Kathleen Venescar, CNA; Sandra Worlids, LPN; Ginger Jenkins, LPN and Jocelyn Germain, LPN; Cheryl Pieters, CNA; Curtis Dike, CNA and Vana Nuggis, CNA; Grace Berry, CNA; Eglaise Oscar, CNA; Libby Pershay, LPN; Mary Polizzano, LPN; Jessica Paris, CNA (certified nursing assistant); Novelette Wedderdurn, CNA; Carol Edmond, CNA; Shirene Solomon, CNA; Yanick Douze, CNA and Leithia Cromartie, LPN
Food and Nutrition Services - Amanda De La Villa; Pat Allen Bowser; Karlton Gillon
and Rosa Bonifacio
Activities Therapy – Patricia Scott and Julie O’Connell
Occupational Therapy Service
Physical Therapy Service
Social Work Services
Pastoral Care – Father Peter Igwilo; Reverend Leevon N. Coles and Rabbi Moshe Abramowitz
Housekeeping - Belkys Alonso

“Congratulations to the award winners,” Freeholder Holmes added. "What makes RUNNELLS so special is its incomparable spirit. Guided by experienced administrators committed to the success of the programs; dedicated and supportive staff anxious to serve the needs of residents and patients, RUNNELLS is one of Union County Government’s proudest assets. Let’s learn from the Caring Hearts Awards and say thank you to those who do something extra. It doesn’t cost anything but is a gift for the recipient of the thank you.”

RUNNELLS is located at 40 Watchung Way. The hospital can be reached by calling
(908) 771-5700. For admissions information, call (908) 771-5901.