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New Addition at Watchung Stables County Freeholders host naming contest for baby horse,
first one born at stables in eight years

latest addition to Watchung Stables
Freeholder Nancy Ward greets a baby horse---the latest addition to the Watchung Stables
in Mountainside. (Photo by James Lowney)

MOUNTAINSIDE---The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders are pleased to announce the Watchung Stables family of horses has grown by one. On Thursday, May 15th at approximately 5 am, Miss Piggy, one of the resident horses, gave birth to a healthy baby foal---the first to be born at the stables since 2000.

Miss Piggy, who was purchased on October 7, 2007, is one of the school horses who are used to teach horseback riding to the hundreds of children enrolled in the Watchung Stables instructional program. She is a registered quarterhorse pony and is six years old. At the time of her purchase, no one realized Miss Piggy was destined to be the second horse to give birth at the Stables. She participated well in the Troop program, becoming a Stable favorite but eventually her expectant state quickly became apparent.

Since that discovery she has been ridden sparingly, received veterinary treatment and delivered her baby boy, (known as a colt) peacefully. The unnamed foal has been receiving many visitors since his arrival and seems to enjoy the attention although Miss Piggy keeps a watchful eye out at all times, Stables personnel report.

The last time a pregnant horse was at Watchung Stables was in 2000 when Ginger gave birth to Twofer. Twofer still resides at the Stable and has become one of the approximately fifty-five school horses ridden every week in the County's Troop Program.

The Union County Freeholders are holding a contest to name the new foal, as they did when Twofer was born. Forms for this purpose will be available at the Watchung Stables, 1150 Summit Lane, Mountainside beginning Friday, May 23rd. All entries must be postmarked by Monday, June 2nd in order to be eligible for the grand prize which is one free ride at the Stables.

You can receive a copy of the form to enter by downloading it at:, or by visiting the Watchung Stables at 1160 Summit Lane, Mountainside, NJ 07092. Forms can also be picked up at the Office of Public Information, sixth floor at the County Administration Building in Elizabeth.

named the foal contest If you would like to submit a possible name for the foal:
BY MONDAY, June 2, 2008