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Linden High School Basketball Team and West Lake School students
Volunteer at Runnells Specialized Hospital bowling

The teams of residents were ready at RUNNELLS SpecializedHospital of Union County for a game of assisted bowling. They were joined by Linden High School’s Basketball Team together with their coaches who came to volunteer their time. Also taking part, both as bowlers and as volunteers were students from the West Lake School in Westfield, a school for students with special needs, age 7 to 21 who regularly volunteer at RUNNELLS. Assisted bowling is just one of the sports that have been adapted for individuals with disabilities at RUNNELLS. The others are volleyball, soccer, and exercise with a parachute.

“These students showed the best side of young people by doing things for others,” said Union County Freeholder Chester Holmes, RUNNELLS liaison. “The Linden team set up pins; retrieved balls and ‘high fived’ residents who gave the game all they had. The West Lake School students joined residents in bowling and, together with the Linden team acted as exceptional cheerleaders for the residents.”

RUNNELLS Specialized Hospital is located at 40 Watchung Way in Berkeley Heights. Anyone who would like further information about volunteering at RUNNELLS should call the Office of Volunteer Services at 908-771-5847.