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Elizabeth, NJ – Calling all do-it-yourself auto mechanics: Union County wants your used motor oil and spent oil filters. The county’s motor oil recycling program is free to residents and now it brings in revenue, too.

A new contract with a recycler is expected to result in a gain of more than $8,000 over the next two years. The company, Park Tech of Dover, will pay Union County for each gallon of used oil it picks up. It will also take the spent filters free of charge.

Previously, Union County had to pay the recycler to haul away the waste.

“This shows how good going green can be for the bottom line,” said Freeholder Chairman Angel G. Estrada. “Given the current economic crisis, it’s more important than ever to focus on recycling and other green measures as a way to control costs while continuing to provide public services.”

Union County has provided residents with the free motor oil and spent filter recycling service for more than ten years. It is an important part of the county’s environmental programming.

When disposed improperly, used oil and other hazardous wastes damage soil and water. They are a health hazard for people, pets, and wildlife.

“Nobody needs to pour waste oil or any other kind of hazardous waste down a drain, or bury it in the backyard,” said Estrada. “Our recycling program is safe and convenient.”

County residents can use any of 15 permanent recycling locations for used motor oil, spent filters, or both. They can also use the county’s free household hazardous waste collection program. For a complete list of dates and locations, visit

The recycling program does not accept waste from commercial establishments. A list of commercial recyclers is available in the Union County Recycling Markets Directory, online at

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