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Training session scheduled for new volunteers.


Elizabeth, NJ – When victims of sexual assault need a steady hand to help them through a life crisis, they can turn to trained volunteer advocates at the Union County Rape Crisis Center for support.   To find out how to volunteer, call the center’s hotline at 908-233-7273.

“Our volunteers step in at a critical point in a person’s life, and they make all the difference,” said Union County Freeholder Chairman Alexander Mirabella.  “Without their help, many victims of sexual assault would have to face the aftermath on their own.  It’s a unique and powerful way to be of service to someone in need.”

Family members or friends may be unavailable for support after a sexual assault.  Volunteers at the Rape Crisis Center fill the role of helping the victim make informed decisions about their legal options, as well as their health and emotional care.

Volunteers may also accompany the victim to the hospital or to legal proceedings, to provide guidance or simply to make sure that the person has sympathetic company by his or her side.
“By providing guidance and support, our volunteers help victims reassert themselves and begin the process of healing,” said Mirabella.  “They help re-establish confidence and empowerment.”

Volunteers for the Rape Crisis Center are not required to work from the Center’s offices.  They use pagers provided by the Center, so they can work from home or any other convenient location.

A new training session for prospective volunteers will start this fall.  More information is available by calling the Rape Crisis Center hotline, 908-233-7273.

The Rape Crisis Center, part of the Union County Department of Human Services, has been serving Union County residents since 1984.  It offers confidential counseling for victims of sexual assault, as well as counseling for victims’ families and significant others.  Volunteers from the Rape Crisis Center are trained to advocate on behalf of rape victims and accompany them to hospital emergency rooms, police interviews, and court proceedings.

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