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Plan will include an analysis of establishing a County Courts System, an investigation of a consolidated 911 dispatch system and creation of a Countywide EMS System


COUNTY OF UNION---Retired Berkeley Heights veteran Police Captain Andrew Moran has been appointed as a Public Safety Specialist to develop a strategic plan for the County Public Safety Department, a multi-program analysis that will include a countywide shared services forum on public safety, the outline for a County Courts system, as well as investigating the feasibility of both a consolidated 9-1-1 dispatch system, and a shared police, fire and emergency services radio system, County Manager George W. Devanney announced.

Moran, who has more than 25 years of experience on the Berkeley Heights Police Department and served as its Municipal Coordinator of the Office of Emergency Management, announced his retirement from the force effective August 1st. In addition, he was employed for 20 years at Rahway Hospital as a Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic. Moran will begin his new position on August 10th. The position qualifies to be reimbursed through the New Jersey Shared Services grant.

“I am excited and honored by the opportunity to serve Union County and to participate in the development of an important plan that will help shape the direction of our County’s Public Safety Department,” Moran said. “I am looking forward to the challenge in developing a plan that will deliver increased public safety benefits to the public.”

Freeholder Chairman Alexander Mirabella said Moran’s qualifications were “outstanding,” and that the Board was looking forward to finding ways to increase County revenue and also providing cost sharing options to towns.

“This is an outside-the-box look at improving public safety functions as well as setting long and short-term goals that are achievable,” said Freeholder Mirabella. “Andy Moran has public safety experience and will be able to objectively analyze and assess the operations of the department while helping to determine what path to follow.”

County Manager Devanney said Moran would be the “point man” in developing the plan, which will be aimed at “ensuring high quality service and maximum efficiency,” while addressing areas such as the proposed County Courts system which would could raise revenues.

“Andy has the experience, the energy and knowledge to make this happen,” Devanney said. “We are looking forward to him leading the way in conducting this analysis and assessing potential growth and change in the department.”

The report would address:

  1. The feasibility of creating a County Courts system to  adjudicate fines and summonses issued by County Police that would help raise revenues;
  2. The possible creation of a Countywide shared radio services system and/or expansion of police and fire emergency radio frequencies;
  3. A consolidated 9-1-1 dispatch center, possibly covering the entire County or specific regions;
  4. The creation of a countywide EMS system—and ideas on improving response time;
  5. Police Department accreditation—the County may consider pursuing various accreditations, which would require an examination of policies and procedures.

Moran would also assist in planning a countywide shared services seminar on public safety, as well as reviewing and updating the County’s Emergency Disaster Plan.

Devanney said Moran would be responsible for completing the report outlining proposals and recommendations, and assisting in the development of the shared services forum over the next several months. Moran will report directly to the County Manager and will coordinate his responsibilities with acting Public Safety Director Daniel Vaniska.

Moran began his law-enforcement career in 1984 as a civilian dispatcher.  In 1985 was sworn in as a patrolman, became a Detective in 1994, and was promoted to Patrol Sergeant in 1995.

Since 2002, Moran has also served as the Municipal Coordinator for the Berkeley Heights Office of Emergency Management. He coordinated and managed the emergency preparedness program for the Township of Berkeley Heights.

In 2002 he was promoted to Detective Captain, and since 2004 he has served as the Operations Captain for the Berkeley Heights Police Department. Among his many responsibilities in that position, Moran supervised and managed the operations and activities of the Patrol and Investigations Divisions in the police department. He coordinated activities with other divisions and personnel in the department, outside agencies and the general public. He participated in the development and implementation of policies, projects and priorities for the Operations Division; and identified resources needed. Moran is a graduate of Rutgers University attaining a Bachelor of Science in the Administration of Justice. In 2004 he attended and graduated from the prestigious F.B.I. National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.