FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 11, 2009



Free service prevents injuries, saves lives


Springfield, NJ – The Union County Child Safety Seat Inspection Program guarantees that every resident can have their child’s car seat inspected by a trained expert, free of charge.  Now the service has just gotten even more easy and convenient.  At the end of September, the program is moving to a new, more accessible location, the AAA Car Care Center at 135 U.S. Highway 22 East in Springfield.

The Child Safety Seat Inspection Program is one of the county’s most popular and widely used services, with more than 40,000 inspections conducted since the program began in 1999.  Statistics kept by the Inspection Program show there is a clear need for the service: on average, eight of every ten child safety seats are not installed correctly. 

“Even if the instructions look straightforward, it makes sense to have our experts check your child’s safety seat,” said Union County Freeholder Chairman Alexander Mirabella.  “You’ll get peace of mind, and your child will get a more safe and secure ride.”

The Union County Child Safety Seat Inspection Program is credited with saving at least one life, when a toddler survived a vehicle rollover without serious injury.  The child was riding in a seat that had recently been inspected.

The inspections are completely free and are conducted by trained personnel with the Union County Police Department.  Grants from the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety cover the entire cost of the program.

Under an agreement with Union County, the AAA Car Care Center has provided space for the Child Safety Seat Inspection Program without charge to the County.  The facility, which is owned and operated by the AAA New Jersey Automobile Club, is open to the public.  It features a clean, welcoming atmosphere complete with a lounge area and children’s playroom.

“We are proud to engage in a community partnership with the AAA Car Care Center,” said Chairman Mirabella.  “Along with helping raise awareness of an important public safety issue, this facility is a showcase for environmentally sound business practices.”

The AAA Car Care Center uses eco-safe cleaning products, recycles used motor oil, and follows procedures to keep petroleum products out of the general refuse and sanitation systems.   Storage and ventilation systems are designed to reduce the risk of spillage and prevent the release of pollutants into the atmosphere.

The Child Safety Seat Inspection Program is open from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., every Wednesday and Thursday except holidays.  No appointment is necessary but an advance call is suggested, at 908-789-6830.

Before the inspection, parents and caregivers should read the owner’s manual for both the car seat and vehicle, and attempt to install the seat according to the instructions.  Trained personnel with the Union County Police Department will make any necessary adjustments while inspecting the seat.