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”The Haunting of Runnells Specialized Hospital” … good Halloween fun

good halloween fun
Patricia Scott, Certified Recreation Supervisor (CRS) of Union (center), Director of Volunteer Services and Activities Therapy was a cute little devil for Halloween. Joining her were Activities Therapy staff members Recreation Therapy Aides Ana Gonzalez, Elizabeth (left) and Jamie Granato, B.A, Scotch Plains (right). The three were just part of the Activities Therapy staff whose creativity helped make the film and its subsequent showing possible.

Those who were brave, whether they were residents, visitors or employees were welcome to view the movie “The Haunting of Runnells Specialized Hospital.” Created by the imaginative staff of Runnells SpecializedHospital of Union County’s Activities Therapy Department, this hot Halloween ticket had people lining up for hours escorted by ghouls, devils and the like.

“Halloween lives at Runnells,” said Union County Freeholder Chester Holmes. “Somehow the Activities Therapy staff manages to activate their creative juices and come up with original ideas year after year. My admiration and that of the entire Freeholder Board for their inventiveness. Our thanks for their dedication to the residents of the facility.”

Halloween is just one of the celebrations at Runnells throughout the year. The residents also may participate in celebrations for holidays that include Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza.

Runnells is located at 40 Watchung Way, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.