Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Union County Prosecutor’s Office. Acting Prosecutor Michael A. Monahan was sworn into office on January 31, 2018 and serves as the county’s chief law enforcement officer. Here you will find information about the office, links to the latest press releases, necessary contact information for specific units and a link to the John H. Stamler Police Academy.

With approximately 70 detectives and 70 Assistant Prosecutors, the Prosecutor’s Office is the largest law firm in Union County and one of the largest police departments. Together with a support staff of secretaries, paralegals and law clerks, the office prosecutes thousands of juvenile and adult criminal cases each year.

Michael A. Monahan
Acting Prosecutor


Albert Cernadas Jr.
First Assistant Prosecutor

Vincent G. Gagliardi
Chief of


The mission of the Union County Prosecutor’s Office is to investigate and prosecute major crimes occurring within the County; to proactively coordinate community outreach initiatives that improve quality of life for the County’s citizens; and to work cooperatively with each of the County’s various law enforcement agencies to protect the public’s fundamental rights to safety, security, and liberty.

Contact Us

We welcome your comments, input and support. The Union County Prosecutor’s Office is here to serve all residents of the county and we encourage you to contact us at ucpo@ucnj.org.

In case of an emergency, always dial 911.

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