Office of Victim Witness Advocacy

1 Initial Contact
2 Pre-Grand Jury Remand
3 Administrative Dismissal
4 Grand Jury Remand
5 Grand Jury Dismissal
6A Indictment Returned
6B Pre-Trial Proceeding
7 Applied- PTI Program
7A Acceptance- PTI Program
8 Completion PTI Program
8A Termination- PTI Program
9A Plea to Charges & Sentenced
9B Plea to Charges & To Be Sentenced
10 Release on Bail/Conditions of Bail
11 Fugitive Status
12 Court Dismissals
13 Sentencing Date or Schedule
14A Sentence Parole: Custodial
14B Sentence: Custodial
14C Sentence: Non-Custodial
16A Disposed of Charges: Not Guilty
16B Disposed of Charges: Guilty and To Be Sentenced
17 Mistrial/Retrial
18 Mistrial/Dismissal
  Parole Notifications and Release Notifications