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  • Glenn Nacion, Trinitas Regional Medical Center (Chair)
  • Carlos Valdes, COMCAST (Vice-Chair)
  • Erich Peter, Union County Economic Development Corp. (Secretary)
  • John Perry, Council for Airport Opportunities
  • Mark Bocchieri, Verizon New Jersey
  • Roberto Camacho, Investors Bank
  • Donna Dedinsky, Wakefern Foods Corp.
  • Richard Capac, Leaf Group, LLC
  • Eileen Leahey, PSE&G
  • Kevin Lynott, AGL Resources/Elizabethtown Gas
  • Stan Robinson, Jr., SHR Marketing, LLC
  • Alberto Concalves, AZAD Companies
  • James Brady, The Savor Group, LLC

The composition of the Executive Committee of the WIB includes the Officers of the WIB, the Immediate Past Chairperson, the Chairpersons of all standing committees and a Member At-Large.

The Executive Committee works closely with city, county, and state economic development agencies, as well as business leadership, to develop policy recommendations, which will coordinate and strengthen all economic development in the WIB. In the event issues arise between WIB meetings, the Executive Committee can act on behalf of the whole WIB to resolve and ratify agreements. Any actions taken by the Executive Committee must be ratified by the WIB at the next regular meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose.

The goals and objectives of the Executive Committee include:

  • Leadership and planning functions including the development of policy recommendations for overall workforce strategic planning.
  • Ensure the continuity of the WIB’s mission in all areas.
  • Discussing and developing strategies for cultivating a strong relationship with the Board of Chosen Freeholders.
  • Identifying and cultivating relationships with key leaders in the community.
  • Reviewing periodic reports.
  • Developing an annual budget for approval by the Chief Elected Official with ratification by the Board and monitoring fiscal expenditures against the adopted annual budget.
  • Reviewing and negotiating with the State on annual performance measures; reviewing performance reports on a frequent basis.
  • Attending local and State meetings that support the work of the Board and enhance the leadership of the WIB.



  • Margaret McMenamin, Union County College (Co-Chair)
  • Peter Capodice, Union County Vocational Technical Schools (Co-Chair)
  • Maryann Anderson, One-Stop, Housing Authority
  • Anna Belin-Pyles, Plainfield Board of Education
  • Pamela Capaci, Prevention Links
  • Noel Christmas, Utilities Workers Union of America, Local 601
  • Philip Connelly, Kean University
  • Charles Gillon, Division of Social Services
  • Daryl Hatchett, Youth Services Commission
  • Leila Hosseini, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Eileen Leahey, PSE&G
  • Kathleen Serafino, Office of the Union County Superintendent of Schools
  • Anadir Liranzo, Omega Maintenance Corp.

The role of the Youth Investment Council is to establish and implement a strategic plan for developing a system of youth services capable of preparing youth for further education and future employment.

The Youth Investment Council is responsible for developing a comprehensive, integrated and coordinated system of youth services that effectively prepares young people for higher education and future employment. Goals and objectives include:

  • Developing and communicating a strategic vision for how the local area will ensure that its targeted youth are adequately prepared for education and employment opportunities. This vision is comprehensive and integrates all educational, employment and supportive service resources.
  • Developing policies grounded in best practices for youth that support the State and local vision.
  • Setting standards of service that clearly communicate high expectations, accountability and a focus on youth customers. These standards integrate best practices in youth and workforce development and focus specifically on ensuring that youth have the opportunity to develop career plans that will engage them in life-long learning and future employment.
  • Development of a Youth Investment Strategic Plan.
  • Engaging in ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders—businesses, schools, youth providers, parents and youth themselves—to identify needs, possible gaps in service and to map available resources.
  • Forging strong partnerships with the K-12 system, providing resources about careers and labor market information and ensuring that youth and parents have the information they need to make informed choices about their education and future employment.
  • Setting service priorities and determining how resources can best be used to meet the needs of young people.
  • Coordinating local resources, programs and policies with Federal, State and Regional initiatives to make the most effective use of funds.



  • Erich Peter, Union County Economic Development Corp. (Co-chair)
  • John Perry, Council for Airport Opportunities (Co-Chair)
  • Richard Capac, Leaf Group, LLC
  • Gary Allessio, Print Tech
  • James Brady, The Savor Group, LLC
  • Jacques Howard, City of Plainfield, Dept. of Economic Development
  • Anadir Liranzo, Omega Maintenance Corp.
  • Kevin Lynott, AGL Resources, Elizabethtown Gas
  • Gary Pfarr, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 102
  • Pamela Capaci, Prevention Links
  • Stan Robinson, Jr., SHR Marketing

The Business & Industry Committee plans and oversees marketing and outreach services to business as well as evaluating how effectively business is being served as a customer of the One-Stop System. The goal of the Business & Industry Committee is to coordinate economic development and workforce development strategies that target effective utilization of resources to support and sustain the local economy.

The Committee develops an overall business plan for business and industry development. The Committee will utilize the expertise of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (EDA), the UC Freeholders Economic Development Committee, Chambers of Commerce, Employer Roundtables, Labor Market Information (LMI), Census data and pertinent reports to develop effective policy recommendations. The Committee will establish linkages with state and local Economic Development agencies to provide workforce services for new and expanding businesses, including supporting the work of the New Jersey Business Action Center. It will convene and facilitate the design of sector strategies for specific industries that represent significant employment in the local/regional workforce, in conjunction with state priorities and strategies.

The principal goal is to design and execute a local business centric engagement process to recruit, service, educate and engage local employers and organized labor to support hiring needs, identify training and education requirements, inform skill gaps and educate on available programs and services. The objectives include establishing employer-based standards and processes for providing One-Stop Delivery System services.



  • Glenn Nacion, Trinitas Regional Medical Center (Co-chair)
  • Carlos Valdes, COMCAST (Co-Chair)
  • Monica Chenault-Kilgore, The Chenault Group, Inc.
  • Alberto Concalves, AZAD Companies
  • Eugenia Hamlett, Hamlett Management LLC
  • Sandy McLachlan, Phillips66
  • Christopher Morreale, FedEx
  • Noel Christmas, Utilities Workers Union of America, Local 601
  • James Brady, The Savor Group, LLC

The One-Stop Committee is charged with oversight of the One-Stop System including monitoring performance and program enrollments, ensuring WIB Plans are being carried out as they relate to One-Stop System services, and mediating disagreements among the Partners. Because of its oversight role, this Committee must be comprised of Board members who do not represent providers of One-Stop services such as private sector and labor organization members.



  • Mark Bocchieri, Verizon New Jersey (Co-Chair)
  • Roberto Camacho, Investors Bank (Co-Chair)
  • Kim McConnell, The McConnell Leadership Group, LLC
  • Juan Carlos Dominguez, J.J.J. Distributors
  • Gloria Durham, Genesis Healthcare Solutions
  • Elizabeth Gloeggler, Union County Literacy Volunteers of America
  • Jean Forstenhauser, Linden Adult School
  • Julio Sabater, Workforce Advantage
  • Marlene Loff, Union County College
  • Lyle Moseley, Elizabeth Board of Education
  • Syreeta McClain, Union County Vocational Technical Schools
  • Stephen Nacco, Union County College

Its primary mission is to provide active leadership engaging community stakeholders around local needs and priorities for literacy services. The Literacy Committee provides strategic direction and works in collaboration with other programs and initiatives in the local community to develop a comprehensive system of supports for developing the basic literacy skills of local residents.

The Committee’s role is to lead the development of a literacy service system by working with stakeholders from the community. The Committee and its partners identify need, provide strategic direction, and establish priorities and overall plans for improving adult literacy.



  • Donna Dedinsky, Wakefern Foods Corp. (Co-Chair)
  • Richard Capac, Leaf Group, LLC (Co-Chair)
  • Elizabeth Bennett, Evergreen Partners, Inc.
  • Frank Caragher, The ARC of Union County
  • Elaine Katz, Kessler Foundation
  • Fred Mangold, One-Stop
  • Charles Newman, Office of the Disabled
  • Myrna Pinckney, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Stephanie Soules, One-Stop
  • Cory Storch, Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services Inc, Bridgeway House
  • Pat Dobson, Plainfield Workforce New Jersey Office

The Disabilities Committee is charged with ensuring that all services, including those at the comprehensive One-Stop Career Center, and external training sites, are accessible to persons with disabilities and that outreach efforts effectively reach this population.