Poll Worker Resources

Union County Board of Elections is looking for bilingual poll workers to work at the polls on Election Day
You must be a Union County resident and a registered voter

Poll Worker Coordinators

Kelly Houston 908-527-4236

Kajae Close 908-527-4120

Consuelo Meneses 908-558-2670


District Board Member Application for Appointment

Poll Worker Class Presentation

Affiliation Statistics

  • It is mandatory for all Poll Workers to attend a Training Class at least once every (2) two years.
    Read the Board Worker Training Guide (PDF) or view the schedule below.
  • The working hours on the Election Day will be 45 minutes before the opening of the poll,
    which is at 6:00 AM and until 8:00 PM (the closing of the poll).
  • The payment will be $200, and if you do not attend the mandatory Class you will be paid less.