Union County Drive-Thru Testing Center

Updated June 5th

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Please be advised, starting Monday, June 8th, the COVID-19 testing center will be open 9:00am to 4:00pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The center will be open to all county residents with or without symptoms. In addition, testing is available to all first responders and healthcare workers in New Jersey. No prescription is required. Appointments are required and can be made by clicking here.

Union County COVID-19 Test Center Open to All Union County Residents Beginning Monday, May 18th, regardless of symptoms or not

Beginning on Monday, May 18th, the Union County Freeholders are announcing the Union County Covid-19 Drive-Through Test Center at Kean University will be available to all Union County residents who wish to be tested, whether or not they are experiencing symptoms.

The Test Center, which offers free testing, is also available to all first responders and frontline health workers who are asymptomatic and that work in Union County, regardless of their residence.  The testing site will remain committed to testing all first responders and frontline health workers who have symptoms and a prescription from a doctor as long as they live or work in New Jersey.

“This expansion of the Test Center will mirror the states goal to increase testing capacity within our communities, building data that will capture virus rates to be used to help get our economy restarted responsibly in our County,” said Freeholder Chairman Alexander Mirabella.

Asymptomatic Union County residents, first responders and frontline health workers who work in Union County who wish to be tested can make an appointment by logging onto the  Union County website at www.ucnj.org  and clicking on the COVID-19 Scheduling link.

The hotline will still be available to residents without internet, first responders and front-line health workers who are experiencing symptoms of the virus.  Please call 908-214-7107 or 908-373-5105 to be triaged and scheduled for a test.

Union County COVID-19 Test Center Expands to First Responders and Certain Health Care Workers in New Jersey

Expanded telemedicine procedure introduced in response to statewide need.

In order to help key emergency personnel get a COVID-19 test as quickly as possible, the Union County COVID-19 Test Center at Kean University is now available to first responders and certain health care workers in New Jersey, regardless of their place of work or residence.

Those covered by the new procedures are: fire fighters, police officers, EMTs, 911 tele-communicators, Medical Reserve Corps members, all hospital employees, staff at long term care facilities and nursing homes, and home health aides.

The expanded service is in response to limited availability of testing statewide.

“Union County is taking this extraordinary statewide measure to support emergency personnel in New Jersey, so those who need a test can get one without any further delay,” said Freeholder Chairman Alexander Mirabella.

Beginning today, first responders and certain health care workers in New Jersey seeking a COVID-19 test, regardless of residence, can follow these steps:

  1. Call the Union County Test Center at 908-373-5105 or 908-214-7107 (no walk-ins are admitted).
  2. Discuss symptoms by phone with a triage nurse. The nurse will schedule an appointment at the Test Center for patients who meet guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control.
  3. Persons with an appointment can proceed to the Testing Center at their scheduled time (no doctor visit or prescription is required).

In addition to first responders and certain health workers, all Union County residents with COVID-19 symptoms can call the Test Center at 908-373-5105 or 908-214-7107. and follow the same telemedicine process.

“The Test Center serves every patient who meets the CDC guidelines, even if they have no health insurance or personal doctor. COVID-19 knows no barriers, and our response to the crisis must be barrier-free as well,” Mirabella emphasized.

“The Test Center has also become a vital emergency response asset on a broader level,” he added. “By performing scores of triage interviews daily, it enables doctors in our community to focus more attention on treating patients.”

The Test Center is located at the Kean University Campus on Morris Avenue in Union Township. It is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Test Center is available on a drive-through basis only. Testing is free.

For more information and updates on all Union County services during the COVID-19 outbreak, visit ucnj.org/coronavirus-update.

For general information about COVID-19 and phone contacts for 24/7 assistance with questions, visit the New Jersey Department of Health at nj.gov/health/cd/topics/covid2019.