Rest Easy Caregiver Grant

The Rest Easy Caregivers Grant (RECG) helps provide respite care for working and/or underemployed Union County families.  The intent is to give parents and other caregivers short term respite care services that offer temporary relief and help strengthen and stabilize families. The following are some basic details about this grant.

Family Eligibility:

  • Families residing in Union County (household must be comprised of at least one adult and one school age child – 5-21 years old at the time of application)
  • Adults in the household must be
    • Working; and/or
    • Underemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic or applicant does not meet the work hour requirements of existing subsidy programs (i.e. varies 25-30hr/wk per adult parent)
  • Child/young adult must have a documented disability
  • Ineligible for duplication of services such as applicants accessing service through PerformCare for children under 18, Medicaid, NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) for young adults 18 – 21, private insurances, and other federal/state/local subsidy programs.

Please note that all applications are considered first come, first served basis.