Covid-19 Testing

Union County Managed Sites

Nasal PCR test; Walk-up only; No appointment needed; Patients are recommended to bring their own smartphone; Residents can visit any of the sites below.

The tests also checks for Influenza A & B

Union County EMS Building

9am to Noon

545 Laurel Avenue in Roselle Park

Plainfield Performing Arts Center

9am to 4pm

724 Park Avenue in Plainfield

Warinanco Sporting Center

7am to Noon

1 Park Drive in Roselle

Mobile Operations – Traveling around the County

Plainfield Performing Arts Center

  • 724 Park Avenue
  • Wednesday, January 25th
  • 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
  • Vaccinations with all formations offered
  • GPS Link

Testing Results

Nasal PCR Test Results

Results are typically provided within 24-36 hours.

For your results, please follow the link in the message sent to your e-mail address.

Testing is available to all Union County residents who wish to be tested, whether or not they are experiencing symptoms.

It is free of charge, regardless of whether you have insurance or not.

It is also available to all first responders and frontline health workers who are asymptomatic and that work in Union County, regardless of their residence.