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UCDOC COVID-19 Action Plan


Keeping in Contact

Alterations to Services & Protocols to Promote Social Distancing

In line with the Union County Health Department and CDC guidance, the Department is taking a number of precautions to promote social distancing and reduce the risk of the potential spread of the coronavirus in our facility. In order to promote appropriate social distancing, the following services and protocols have been suspended or altered.

Court Appearances – Most in-person court appearances have been suspended, per order of the New Jersey Supreme Court Administration.

Contact Visits – Have been suspended as of March 10, 2020.

State Transfers – All transfers to state prison have been suspended.

In-Person Programming – All in-person programming, as well as events facilitated by contracted providers and volunteer groups, have been suspended. Program staff and providers are delivering programming and services to inmates in custody by alternative means where possible. The Department recognizes that it is imperative that inmates in custody receive access to critical services and information and has implemented the following measures to ensure the continuation of access to services.

Increased support for connections to loved ones – In an effort to further increase connections between inmates in custody and their loved ones, the Department is offering three free stamps, three free envelopes, or three pre-stamped envelopes per week to inmates in custody for correspondence purposes. Per existing policy, UCDOC continues to offer phone calls for inmates free of charge.

Court appearances and access to counsel – UCDOC is utilizing existing infrastructure to ensure video appearances are available for those in our custody. UCDOC continues to utilize existing infrastructure to ensure attorneys have teleconferences access to their clients. Per existing policy, phone calls to attorneys are offered free of charge, without limits.

Programming and services – Programs staff are providing self-study, self-directed material to interested inmates. UCDOC continues to work with program providers to provide remote programming and services to inmates in custody where possible.

Free Inmate Video Visits conducted

1 free phone call per week for inmates

2 free stamped envelopes proved for all inmates