• If you are a veteran you may be asked to provide your ID number
  • ALL passengers are required to wear a seat belts when the vehicle is in motion
  • Smoking, drinking or eating is not permitted on the vehicle.
  • Unruly or inappropriate behavior may result in loss of transportation privileges
  • Pets are not allowed. A service animal may accompany a person with a disability
  • Passengers will be responsible for carrying all their packages into their homes
  • Be ready 15 minutes prior to scheduled pick-up time.
  • Allow 15 minutes after your scheduled pickup time before calling the reservationists. If an aide is needed, it is the passenger’s responsibility to obtain one. Please notify intake when making a reservation
  • Telephone the scheduling office if you will be late for a return.
  • Reasonable Accommodations will be provided upon request


  • The Driver will blow the horn and wait 5 minutes before moving on to the next scheduled pick-up.
  • Drivers are NOT permitted to accept tips or collect fares.
  • Assistance is provided getting on and off the vehicle at the curb. Visually impaired passengers will be assisted door-to-door.
  • Help will be provided with securing seat belts.
  • Assistance is provided to a passenger using a mobility device to get on and off the vehicle from the curb and in securing the device on the vehicle.
  • Drivers are required to report all problems to the dispatcher and take directions from the dispatcher on resolving any issues.
  • Help will be provided putting on and taking off, no more than two (grocery size) bags per passenger.
  • Only passengers on the drivers scheduled list will be transported.