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ADA Complaint Policy

Title VI Non Discrimination Policy

The Title VI Act of 1964, as amended, helps to ensure anti-discrimination is enforced throughout the work undertaken by all recipients of federal funding. The County of Union, including Union County Paratransit, has implemented procedures to prohibit discrimination on the grounds of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, disabling condition, or being included within minority populations and/or low income populations, as well as, ensure meaningful access to programs and activities by persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). Title VI also prohibits exclusion from participation, denial of benefits to, or others subject to discrimination under any program or activity administered by the County of Union.

Any person who believes they have been aggrieved by an unlawful discrimination practice under Title VI has a right to file a formal complaint with the County of Union. Any such complaint must be in writing and filed with the County of Union. The complaint must be filed within one hundred eighty (180) days following the date of the alleged discriminatory occurrence.

Transportation services provided by this agency are in whole or part funded through federal funds received through NJ TRANSIT and as an individual you also have the right to file your complaint under Title VI to NJ TRANSIT by writing to: New Jersey Transit Customer Service – Title VI Division, One Penn Plaza East, Newark, NJ 07105 or visit www.njtransit.com/diversity

The County of Union also provides language access services to populations of persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) who are eligible to be served or likely to be affected by our programs. The County of Union will schedule interpreters or bilingual staff when necessary to communicate, unless, after being informed of the right to interpreter services, the individual expresses a clear preference to bring their own interpreter. The County of Union will schedule an interpreter or bilingual staff member at no cost to assist in reading English language notices, letters, or other written information from the County of Union. 

To file a written complaint, or for more information on the County of Union’s obligations under Title VI and/or to request LEP services, please either write to Salonia Saxton, Director, Union County Paratransit, 10 Elizabethtown Plaza 2nd Fl. Elizabeth, NJ 07201, or contact the County of Union at www.ucnj.org.

El Condado de Union opera este programa y servicio sin que ninguna persona sea excluida por su raza,color u origen de acuerdo al Titulo VI de los derechos Civiles de 1964 y sus enmiendas.

Toda persona que sienta haber sido agraviada por alguna practica discriminatoria illegal bajo el Titulo VI, puede presentar una denuncia por escrito al Condado de Union.

Para presentar una denuncia o para mas informacion sobre las obligaciones de Union County Paratransit bajo el Titulo VI escriba a: 10 Elizabethtown Plaza. Second Floor, Elizabeth, NJ 07202

O visite : www.ucnj.org.

Los servicios de Transporte proporcionados por esta Agencia son financiados en su totalidad o en gran parte con fondos recibidos a traves de NJ TRANSIT y usted como persona tiene el derecho a presentar su denuncia a ambos Union County Paratransit como la Administracion de Transito Federal. Denuncias tambien pueden ser completadas a la Administracion Federal de Transito por escrito a:

Title VI Program Coordinator, East Building, 5th Floor-TCR,
U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, Office of Civil Rights
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20590.
Si necesita informacion en otro idioma, contacte 908-527-4100.