Adult Day Care Centers

Adult day care centers are designed for older individuals who need help with activities of daily living or who are isolated and lonely. At the centers, seniors are able to socialize with others while receiving assistance and supervision. It’s especially beneficial for those who can no longer structure their own daily activities, desire social interaction or can’t be safely left alone at home. At the same time, the centers give caregivers a break from around-the-clock care and provide peace of mind that their loved one is in good hands. There are varying levels of adult day care that cater to seniors’ specific needs.

For seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s or related cognitive diseases, Alzheimer’s Day programs provide social and health services specifically for seniors with cognitive challenges. In this setting, activities appropriate for the participants’ functional abilities are provided in a secure environment to prevent wandering, and the staff has specialized training in dementia care.

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Adult Day Center NameStreetCityPhone NumberMedical, Social or Alzheimer’s
Cedar Harbor Adult Medical Day Center545 East First AvenueRoselle1-908-298-8588Medical
Daybreak Adult Medical Day Care712 Newark AvenueElizabeth1-908-353-3530Medical
Five-Star Adult Day Care1201 Deerfield TerraceLinden1-908-486-5750Medical
2nd Home Adult Day Center550 North Broad Street
JFK Adult Medical Day Care3 Progress Street, Suite 103Edison1-908-912-1910Medical
Legacy Care Club Adult Day Care130 Route 22 EastNorth Plainfield1-908-540-0500Social
Senior Spirit Medical Day Center430 East Westfield AvenueRoselle Park1-908-241-9393Medical
SAGE Eldercare
Spend-A-Day Adult Day Health Center
290 Broad StreetSummit1-908-598-5520
Medical, Social, Alzheimer’s
Town Square1155 East Jersey StreetElizabeth1-908-787-0980Social
Wise Adult Day Services2095B Berwyn StreetUnion1-908-687-2995
Social, Alzheimer’s