Outreach and Advocacy

Welcome to the Division of Outreach and Advocacy

Phone: 908-527-4890

Fax: 908-527-4875

The mission of the Division of Outreach and Advocacy is to raise awareness among residents of Union County government’s existing programs and services; to advocate in response to our citizens’ unmet human services needs; and to respond to those needs with effective, accessible resources and services.  Through collaboration with other government agencies, community based organizations, and private sector entities, the division provides outreach, advocacy and information and referral services.

Office of Human Services Constituent Relations

Union County Department of Human Services (UCDHS) Action Line
(908) 677-5405 or (908) 558-2288

Michele Antunes
Phone: 908-527-4540

The DHS Action Line (DAL) offers residents, as well as others, including advocates and community based organizations, quick and easy access to knowledgeable specialists who answer questions and resolve concerns and complaints regarding services provided through the DHS

Contracts Unit

Renee Goldstein
Phone: 908 527-4830

The Contracts Unit processes all contracts with community based organizations and vendors for the Department of Human Services. Contract staff ensure that all contracts met regulatory requirements set by the funding source (state and federal government) and the County of Union. 

Independent Monitoring Unit

Diane Jakubowski
Phone: 908-527-4836

The Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU) monitors all contracts awarded through the Department of Human Services.  On-site visits and reviews are planned and executed on a regular basis.  Reports and corrective actions are drafted and tracked to ensure contract compliance.