“Empowering Our Youth” Summer Employment Program

About the Program

The Union County Board of County Commissioners announced the launch of the “Empowering Our Youth” Summer Employment Program. Now open to applicants, this program is run by the Union County Division of Youth Services and is offered to County residents ages 16 through 24 years old.

“This program is in line with the Union County Board of County Commissioners’ vision of empowering the minds of our youngest residents and ensuring they have the opportunities to reach their full potential,” said Commissioner Chair Rebecca Williams. “Empowering Our Youth” is another way we can connect our residents to the programs they need for a successful future. I encourage those who are qualified to apply and take advantage of this wonderful program.”

This employment program is offering both full-time and part-time positions at various locations at $15 an hour. The “Empowering Our Youth” Summer Employment Program can provide uniforms, transportation, and childcare to those looking for summer jobs.

“I am very excited to be a part of this program, which was designed to provide our youth residents with the work exposure, experience and skills they will need for a competitive workforce,” said Commissioner Sergio Granados, Liaison to the Human Services Advisory Council. “When this “Empowering Our Youth” initiative was first crafted, I wanted to make sure it benefited both the youth population as well as the employers in various job sectors. Our residents can gain knowledge in literacy, financial and other training skills that are provided through our Union County supportive skills courses, which, in turn, benefits employers by having a more than qualified staff. This is also at no-cost to the employer relative to the employee’s salaries which are part of this program. It really is a win-win for all involved, including our County Commissioner Board, who continues to work to improve the quality of life for all residents.”


The deadline to apply is Thursday, May 19, 2022


  • Participants must meet WIOA qualifications, submit a complete application, and provide copies of birth certificate, social security card and unexpired ID for certification.
  • Participants must attend orientation, interview, and career/skills assessment to start program.

Submit the Application Online

Registration is now closed

The PDF is a fill-able document. You can fill it out on your computer then drop-off or email to us. You can also print out the application and fill it out.

Drop-Off – 1143-1145 East Jersey Street, 4th floor
Elizabeth, NJ 07201


E-mail – summeryouth@ucnj.org

Fill out an Application In-Person

DYS Youth Forward in Elizabeth
1143-1145 East Jersey Street, 4th Floor

One-Stop Center in Elizabeth
921 Elizabeth Avenue

American Job Center in Plainfield
200 West Second Street, #4


Please contact Jasmine Sowah at 908-558-2523