Calling all Fairies

Fairy House Application

This year, Chairwoman Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded announced her 2024 “Growing Together in Union County” Initiatives. As part of those initiatives, the Union County Department of Parks and Recreation is happy to announce the 2024 Fairy House Art Contest. The winner of this contest will have the chance to win a special prize!  

We ask that school applicants submit one magical fairy house to be judged by a panel of professionals and to be proudly displayed in one of our parks. We encourage you to think completely outside of the box, from embracing your school colors or to something in town that truly brings you inspiration!

This project enables students throughout the County to help the Chairwoman achieve her goal of “growing together” as we collaborate to bring a little sparkle to our parks system.

6th grade through 12th grade schools throughout the County of Union are eligible to apply.

Each School Must Only submit one entry.

Registration/Entry deadline is by 5:00 p.m.  Friday, May 31, 2024. 

The Project Deadline is Tuesday, October 15, 2024, details will follow on pickup.

You must document this project’s progression, from sourcing materials to when the final coat of paint dries. We want to see it all and share with everyone on our social media the creative minds that went into making this project a success. 

Participating Students must have signed media release consent forms that can be emailed to Carolyn Thomas, 

Please submit your progress through this web page –

  1.  Activate your imagination
  2. Think about those fairies and start to build a place you think they would like to come and visit
  3. Fairies use all-natural materials to build their houses. Must be made out of all-natural bio-degradable material (Some examples of items we accept include small stones/pebbles, acorns, other tree nuts, dried reeds/grasses, small sticks/twigs, seashells, dried flowers, pine cones, small tree cookies, dried moss, native vines, tree bark, and much more
  4.  If you choose to paint, you must use eco-friendly biodegradable paint
  5. No plastic gems, glitter, metals and other non-natural materials