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    Please allow at least 10 WORKING DAYS for any new project or revision requests and longer for campaigns or major projects. Please allow 24 hours for confirmation on receipt of the graphic design request. Please submit all final text as a Microsoft Word document. All other electronic content (photos, illustrations, spreadsheets, or other graphics) should be attached below. If content needs to be physically supplied, please inter-office to John Salerno, Economic Development. Please use Chrome or Firefox when filling out this form.

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    A separate form is required for individual projects.

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    Please include proofed copy and any images you would like included. Please note that print projects require high-resolution images. There is no need to attach the county’s branding information. If your files are too large to attach, submit your large files using this form after submitting your request.

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    A draft .pdf or .png file will be sent for proofing of design, copy and content. Please forward a detailed list of changes.

    Large File Upload Form - Use after submitting request form.

    Large file upload form under re-construction.