Accessible Websites Program

About this Program

The Union County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs (OCHA) is pleased to announce a new initiative: A limited number of Union County arts organizations will receive the services of a professional web design consultant to build accessibility into their organization’s website and/or improve the site’s accessibility. This consultancy is at no cost to the selected organizations.

Why is this being offered?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 (Federal law), requires that all public programs and services be made accessible to all people, regardless of an individual’s physical or developmental disability. The ADA applies to all providers of public programs.
Recognizing the need for improving accessibility to arts programs and information, OCHA is providing these services to directly enable organizations to make progress in this specific area. This is not a general web-design consultancy.

Selection Process

Organizations will be selected to receive these services depending on interest, demand, fit and need. Consultancy will combine training and direct work on the organization’s website. Sessions will be conducted via Zoom or remote screen sharing.

Sessions must be completed by mid-December, 2022.

If selected, your organization must agree to:

  • provide a direct point of contact who will work with the web consultant (consultant will schedule the work directly with this person)

If your organization is interested in receiving this consultancy (at no cost), complete and submit the Questionnaire below.