The statutory mission of the Union County Prosecutor’s Office is to use all reasonable and lawful efforts for the detection, arrest, indictment, and conviction of criminal offenders.

As a constitutionally established law enforcement agency, the Union County Prosecutor, as the chief law enforcement officer for the County, provides leadership and supervision over the chiefs of police and municipal prosecutors with the constant goal to maintain the effective, efficient, and uniform enforcement of the criminal laws and administration of criminal justice.

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office is also committed to strengthening law enforcement’s relations with the public, enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Union County, ensuring and maintaining the rights of crime victims, and impartially, fairly, equitably, and transparently pursuing justice for all.  

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office believes in the dignity and worth of all people; and, to that end, is committed to the following:

  • Providing professional, community-oriented, law enforcement and prosecutorial services;
  • Protecting Constitutional Rights;
  • Maintaining the highest level of ethics, morals, and integrity;
  • Striving for justice and liberty for all; and,
  • Leading and advancing the law enforcement community.