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Andrew K. RuOTOLO, JR. Justice CENTER
32 Rahway Avenue, elizabeth, NJ 07202

Lyndsay V. Ruotolo
Acting Prosecutor

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office Appellate Unit represents the State of New Jersey in various proceedings in the Superior Court Law Division and Appellate Division, the New Jersey Supreme Court, and Federal Court. These proceedings include direct appeals, post-conviction relief proceedings, appeals of municipal court convictions, motions to suppress evidence, expungement petitions, and pretrial intervention (PTI) rejections and appeals. Members of the Unit also conduct legal research and handle interlocutory appeals, both on an emergent and non-emergent basis.

The Appellate Unit serves as the primary training ground for new attorneys embarking on prosecutorial careers. The Unit also employs law students, many of whom return to the Prosecutor’s Office as assistant prosecutors after completing their legal studies. These staff members concentrate on handling direct appeals referred to the Prosecutor’s Office by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, helping them become familiar with all aspects of New Jersey criminal law and procedures. Handling these appeals also enables new attorneys to hone their skills in crafting persuasive legal arguments. Additionally, appearing in both the Law and Appellate Divisions of Superior Court provides them with firsthand knowledge of how the courts function and provides further training for their future work as trial attorneys.