Domestic Violence Unit

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office Domestic Violence Unit devotes direct, specialized attention to domestic violence cases to ensure that victims receive the care and attention they need. The primary responsibility of the Unit is the prosecution of violations of domestic violence restraining orders issued by the Family Court. The Unit also represents the State of New Jersey at court hearings regarding weapons seized for safekeeping in domestic violence cases.

Cases involving parental abductions or interference with child custody are also investigated by the Domestic Violence Unit. In such cases, the offending parent absconds or denies visitation in defiance of a court order. Children in these cases are usually not at risk of injury, and the cases are usually resolved by locating the offending parent and securing the voluntary surrender of the child.

The members of the Domestic Violence Unit additionally appear at daily bail hearings and provide advice and complaint approval to municipal police departments in domestic violence matters. The staff also provides instruction at the John H. Stamler Police Academy on domestic violence laws and related investigations.