Andrew K. RuOTOLO, JR. Justice CENTER
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Lyndsay V. Ruotolo
Acting Prosecutor
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The mission of the Union County Prosecutor’s Office Intelligence Unit is to gather information from all available sources in a manner consistent with the law in order to provide tactical and strategic assessments on the existence, identities, and capabilities of criminal suspects and criminal enterprises, and to further the crime prevention and law enforcement objectives identified by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The Unit is responsible for collecting all intelligence information at the local, county, state, and federal levels on any and all individuals or organizations involved in various forms of criminal and/or gang activity. The Unit is further responsible for collating, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence information into one of two centralized databases: the unclassified crime intelligence database or the verified gang intelligence database, both of which are retained at the Union County Prosecutor’s Office and accessible to every municipal police department in Union County.

The Intelligence Unit is tasked with mapping criminal activity throughout the state; identifying crimes that have similar methods of operation; and offering focus and assistance to specialized units such as the Prosecutor’s Office Guns, Gangs, Drugs, and Violent Crimes Task Force and the Homicide Task Force while also providing focus and assistance to municipal police departments’ intelligence, patrol, detective, narcotic, and street units.