Andrew K. RuOTOLO, JR. Justice CENTER
32 Rahway Avenue, elizabeth, NJ 07202


Lyndsay V. Ruotolo
Acting Prosecutor
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The Union County Prosecutor’s Office Pre-Disposition Conference/Pretrial Intervention Unit is assigned the responsibility of reviewing the majority of criminal cases in Union County involving second-, third-, and fourth-degree criminal charges. The goal of the Unit is to resolve as many cases as possible prior to any grand jury action. This not only saves the State the time, cost, and effort of processing these cases through the criminal justice system, but it helps bring closure to victims of crimes in a timely manner.

The Unit handles all cases assigned a pre-disposition conference date at the time of defendant’s first appearance hearing. The time between the complaint and the pre-disposition conference hearing is approximately six weeks. The Unit also reviews cases for which a complaint has been signed but the defendant has not received a first appearance date.

The State’s Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) Program is a diversionary program designed for first-time offenders who commit non-violent, victimless offenses. This Unit also manages the PTI Program in Union County.